Home Renovation Begins

We're renovating this weekend and next, the culmination of 6 months of talking and planning. Our house has a converted garage that is separated from the living room by a single wall, so that wall will come down today and then the garage floor raised to the living room's level. After electrical, drywall, and moving a window, we should have a single big living room that will now also have a dining room area.

Rick is a pro at this, so I don't doubt we'll be almost done by Christmas (when we're hosting) but we're going to document it here as a way to guilt-trip ourselves if we leave a portion incomplete. Rick's brother renovated his own kitchen a year or more ago and there's still a whole shelf waiting to be finished.

And so: BEFORE
Bye Bye, Wall!

2nd fridge- to be relocated, possibly into a closet. Srsly.

View from laundry to garage, soon to be hidden by a sliding bookshelf.

 And the mess begins...

UPDATE: Just as we get started, cops come to investigate 4 young punks hanging around neighbors' houses that look empty. Yea for resale value!


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