Floor complete, rotten wall coming down

The window was going to move to the right wall here, but since that faces west--we're thinking no window.
 We now have a fly infestation of horror-movie proportions, likely owing to having all windows and doors ajar all of yesterday. After the floors were finished last night, Rick spent an hour bounding around on them trying to find spots not screwed in completely, then crawled on his hands and knees with the drill patching all the places he could "hear" were uneven.  I told the dogs I thought he'd gone 'round bend.

As of last night we agreed that this window, which is moving because we want our TV on that wall, may just be done away with since the wall it would move to a) faces west and b) faces the neighbor's house.  Now in the morning light, I think the room will be awfully dark without a window.  However, we will store it and Mr. Renovation can change his fickle mind later and install it.

Siding to be added here today--board and bat on top, lap board on the bottom, with a shelf separating them. Wish I could paint the brick now but that's for later.


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