He's Kind of A Big Deal

 In only 6 hours, Rick reduced the garage to only its framing and insulation, removing even the ceiling for easier electrical installation. All the paneling and trim came off the walls, then sheet rock, then plywood hiding behind the sheet rock. We even managed to clean up by 4pm.

Among our interesting discoveries: a herd of geckos hiding in a rotted exterior wall (water damage, another discovery we suspected and confirmed), more hay than insulation in the attic (squirrels), and a mummified skeleton entombed in a wall.

Just kidding on the last one.
Wall in mid-destruction

view from the living room
 Today is electrical and framing in the window side wall. The window will move to the caddy corner nearest wall and the exterior door will be removed entirely. In the window's place will be a slight recessed media area where our TV, receiver, and entertainment area will sit. Behind the recessed area, entombed mummy.

My brother is very generously helping provide the electrical expertise, and hopefully the lack of a ceiling will make that easier. My purpose today is to help clean and to cook barbecue for after.  Rick thinks he will complete a sub floor by the end of the day, then our sheet rocker will hopefully be here this week to give us real walls.

Updates: If you see the electrical wires hanging down in the last photo, you have a hint of the mess we found in the attic. Professional electrician to the rescue.  The best part?  The electrician's name is Sarge.


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