For The Love Of In Laws

My in-laws-to-be gave me a most well-chosen gift for Christmas that I've been debating how to use.  It was a very generous gift card to Williams-Sonoma, a store where I covet most everything with a bar code.

That fact made deciding impossible, since so many items are needed: a pizza peel, an oven thermometer, an icecream maker, and--per Taste Tester's current fascination--a milk frother for quicker homemade cappucino.  But I had to make a choice, or two:

Cuisinart Ice-21 Icecream Maker

Mmmmmm.  Frozen yogurt, sorbet, icecream... and my deal came with two bowls, so I can send Mom home with some!

Aerolatte Milk Frother
And the far less exciting milk frother.  Is there any phrase more boring than "milk frother"?
 Milk beige.  Milk Dan Patrick.  Milk golf on TV. 


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