Scallops and Asparagus (My Presentation Skills Suck)

I think I really need to go back to presentation school. I put this together at 1030 last night after we stayed out a wee late went grocery shopping late last night, and then plopped it on the plate without much ado.
It tasted fantastic (the scallops were seared with a little paprika and garlic and salt, the asparagus seared with salt and lemon juice, and the wild rice had its own flavor from the packet). However, it just looks blah, and I need to work on that.
Today, though, the only garnish on my mind is a lime in a beer bottle or an orange slice on a margarita.


Shelby said…
I am so envious. You have really been keeping up with this blog. I am impressed. Good posts. Where did you guys take the dogs where they were swimming? (well, ben looked a little like he was drowning)

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