Boudreaux's Big Day Out

This photo is just to show how beautifully spring has sprung early here, sadly without any freezes to slaughter the many pests that wait in their lairs plotting revenge against Advantix and flea dip, but still lovely.
In fact it's so nice we're taking my boat, Boudreaux, out for her first excursion of the year. I'll try to memorialize some non-drunken photos of Lake Austin and Ski shores restaurant, the restaurant you can only reach by water. Well that's not completely true, in fact it's completely false, but who really cares if I lie about that?
In any case, bikinis and white bodies will see their first 90-degree days and hopefully the engine won't play any tricks on us, because Taste Tester knows zilch about boating. He boasts of knowing plenty enough to pull the 24 feet of pure luxury yacht-like pontoon boat to the water, but once on the water Cap'n Rubyjune will be in command. So check in soon for photos of our being towed out of the water after disaster, of course, befalls us.


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