A Word On Dining Out

I have always loved eating dinners out; in fact, trying new restaurants is probably one of my favorite hobbies. The stranger the cuisine, the more foreign it is to my palate, the more I'm likely to try it.

However, I'm placing an embargo on eating out for several weeks after experiencing, for the first time, true food poisoning. It was the most miserable, painful, wretched sickness I've ever weathered. Taste Tester and I were both struck after eating out at a place I had never tried, and splitting the entire meal. 48 hours later we were still barely able to leave the house. I'm pretty sure it was Staph. aureus poisoning, a bug we all carry on our skin but one that can produce toxins quickly when food is left our or improperly refrigerated.

It is now 5 days past my initial illness, and my stomach is still extremely sensitive, not to mention shrunken to half its former size (an unexpected reward for the hell I went through: pants are fitting better).

I hope no one else at the same restaurant went through what we did, and I hope it inspires me to start cooking more and posting again.


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