Cocina de Consuela

Yesterday I ate at Cocina de Consuela, a place I had not liked when it first opened (limited menu, no seating yet!) but which has obviously grown considerably. The menu can be viewed here:

I can't wait to go back. As opposed to my first visit, we had a nice rustic little table, chips and very good salsa, and a broad selection. I had the spinach and mushroom enchilada with green tomatillo sauce and black beans, and a nopalito salad that seemed to have cotija cheese in it. Delicious. Everything was fresh, the tortillas were homemade, and the tomatillo sauce had a lightly tart bite to it. I'm dying to try the queso fresco enchiladas with ancho sauce, as well as the barbacoa.

If you're an Austinite or might be visiting, head to this little cafe at 4516 Burnet Road, next to the Uppity Crusty Bakery where 45th crosses Burnet. But visit her site first, the hours are only just past lunch!


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