Eric's Salsa

I made salsa for a birthday party this weekend, and the party man liked it enough he asked me to post the recipe.  The photo's kinda lousy but atleast you can see it's red.

Ancho Erico Salsa

6 halved tomatoes
2 quartered red onions
2 fresh jalepenos
2 garlic cloves
3 dry ancho chiles
1 bunch cilantro
salt to taste

I roasted the first 3 ingredients at 500 degrees until the tomatoes were somewhat blackened and the onions were getting charred.  The anchos were softened up in a bowl of water in the microwave, I set it for 3 minutes and let them sit.  They will only soften if the water can reach inside their skins, so you might use scizzors to snip them lengthwise.

While the anchos softened, I used the hand blender to blend up my initial ingredients in a big bowl.  Then I added the anchos (less the water they soaked in), the garlic cloves too, and blended them in.  I put this in the fridge overnight to be sure the anchos are completely softened, and then I reblend in the morning to get rid of any chunks leftover.  Salt to taste, then finish with the cilantro.  I think cilantro's fresh flavor will get pretty weak if added to a hot salsa.


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