Diary of Camping Cuisine #3: Pizza on the Grill

View from dam to other side

View from our campsite.  Looked like the ocean!

So this wasn't so much of a success as a learning experience.  Now that I've finally mastered my dough, I made enough for 4 pizzas and froze them after the 2nd rise to go with us.  Little did I know that even at very chilly temperatures, yeast will keep on truckin'.  I opened up the dough (previously rounded orbs) to find a sticky, bubbly mess exploding out of the bag I had stored them in.

  Brilliant Scott had advised us to grill them lightly first, then top them, then grill again, which I did.  However, I think the lack of a pizza stone caused the burning of the pizza bottoms.  Next time, I think I will bring a stone to put on the coals themselves, or maybe you could be super-crunchy-granola types and get by with some natural stone.

We did a pesto base and toppings of a variation of onions, tomatoes, and pepperoni, plus mozzarella and arregiano cheeses on one and goat cheese and mozz on another.  Still good, but the burnt crust risked a chipped tooth.
Witness the charred remains

If I had my druthers, I would have added smoked lake trout, but because Taste Tester discouraged me from fishing on our first night, I never caught any fish.

Next chapter: failed fishing excursions...


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