Camping Cuisine #4: Failed Fishing Excursions and Steak Night

When you travel to another state and intend to fish, you ought to buy a fishing license and learn the regulations.  I did.  I bought a 5-day pass (read the entire rule book) and some new lures,  even though I knew my best lure would be the magic one because
  1. It was made in Hood River, Oregon
  2. It was named "Krocodile"
  3. It was previously embedded in the dog's paw.
However, Taste Tester lost this lure on our 2nd day of fishing from both the shore and the kayak (named Mango).  I never got nibbles until we were tipped off to add corn niblets to our hook, and even then I kept getting hung up on the rocks below surface.  When I did, I used Mango to help me get behind the rock and save the lure.
Me and Mango

However, TT felt it was a better technique to just pull.  Real hard.  The line broke and Krocodile was lost.  So was my $31 fishing license money and any chance at landing a trout.  So he showed his guilty remorse by cooking me a steak and sweet potato whilst I crafted a new lure from a beer can.

Steak medium rare, roasted hatches and bleu cheese on top, baked sweet potato with sour cream and chipotles in adobo sauce

So with such an amazing meal, I forgave him his trespasses against my lures.


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