Tekka Don (fish on rice)

Tekka don is tuna sliced over sushi rice, with any extras you'd like.  It's sometimes also called chirashi sushi, or "scattered sushi".  This was fun and so much easier than I expected.  I think it all came together in 20 minutes--start the sushi rice, run to the oriental market for fish, come home and slice things while the tuna defrosted, and then put it all together.

I like my sushi rice to be cool or room temp, but for this dish a little warmth is an interesting contrast to the chilled tuna.  So the sushi rice was done in my rice steamer, and to each cup of rice I add ~1/8th of a cup of rice wine vinegar, plus ~1/2 tsp  each of salt and sugar (or a sweetener like Splenda).

My toppings were julienned cucumber, pickled ginger, sliced scallions, nori seaweed cut into strips, and a little lemon and avocado on the side.  Other good toppings are sesame seed, julienned carrots, lettuce, sliced radish, anything with some texture and crunch.  I also like this spicy dressing:

1 tbsp mayo
2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp rice wine vinegar
1-2 tsp sriracha red chili sauce
dash of cayenne if that isn't spicy enough

These ingredients well-blended make an orange dressing that is often found on spicy sushi rolls.

So once my rice was done and cooled to a warm (not hot) temp, I topped it with the veggies and then the sliced tuna atop that.  I drizzled with spicy dressing and it was an amazing meal.


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