No Groceries Until Garden Grows

Ever since putting in this garden, I've grocery shopped much less, as if it is yielding pounds of tomatoes, serranos, okra*, and tarragon**.  It's not.  But I think we're getting somewhere.  I also think some hungry caterpillars are getting further, by the looks of the sage leaves.  Who knew those little bastards had gourmet tastes?
* which i haven't planted yet  ** which is probably better measured in ounces

Herbs to the left, veggies along the back, but the herbs are struggling. Up front, the basil plants are ready to go, but they'll get so big they might shade the herbs...which might be for the best.  I'm torn.
This is a fine looking tomato plant, breed Husky Cherry Red, which is a small fruit tomato but sounds like a plump fruit who dances for money.

And in another inappropriate shocker, this Spirea, usually white and known as Bridal Wreath because, I presume, it was used to make some, is popping out fuschia.  I find this to be disappointing and would only use it to make a bridal wreath for Malibu Barbie.


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