Gardening Like You Know What You're Doing

Taste Tester and I decided we wanted a garden this year, and after much planning we made a few 15 trips to Home Depot gathering supplies.  I assumed it would be some chicken wire stapled to a few stakes to keep the dogs out, but this is what he had in mind.
There's rocks edging it, paver stones at the gated entry, and a ledge for my baby plants to grow on.

So far I've planted tomatoes and have a big selection of herbs about to be planted.  According to know-it-all-gardeners I ask, I'm behind on planting things.  However, according to Aggie Extension Service for Travis County, I'm right on schedule.  We'll see how we do.

Since the garden is alongside the Taj MaShed, I think it will be referred to as the palace gardens.


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