Cooking FAIL and the Vengeful God of Mixers. But not epic fail.

From Ruby June's Cafe

This is the time of year I always make my favorite cookies: Ginger Honey Molasses Cookies. Last year...oh jeez, no--2007!...they were finally perfected. The amount of flour had to be adjusted, then I got them right.

This year, I used the Almighty Kitchen Aid Mixer and...lo, there was cooking fail. I used to get such an arm work out mixing them, but the AKAM whipped them up like egg whites, so the dough (usually dense) was more like mousse.I just figured out one screw-up: I used the whole egg instead of the yolks only.

But I really want to blame the Kitchen Aid, though it feels like blasphemy that I should only whisper or else something terrible shall befall me, like the Vengeful God of the Mixer might smite me where I stand, frowning at a lousy batch of cookies. They aren't even the right color!

Wait...they taste pretty good! Usually it's really hard not to overbake them. Maybe this isn't an epic fail. I'll let Rick decide if I give them away and make us some more in the old style.

One thing I wanted to share--my mom's wisdom for cooking tips. When you're using honey or molasses, grease your measuring cup/spoon/whatever. The sticky stuff dribbles right out without the messy clean-up. See? Go Mom!


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