Salvation Pizza (34th off Guadalupe)

We've now eaten at Salvation Pizza (34th and Guadalupe in Central Austin) twice and are looking forward both to going back and to achieving their extremely thin crust at home.

I've never enjoyed pizza as much as I like this pizza. Something about the thin (hardly a 1/4 inch) crust eases out my guilt and not my belt after wolfing down 3 slices. Their menu is bold but not overreaching, with all the simple favorites you know are a safe bet plus a few daring mixes that are hard to resist. For instance, we couldn't not try the #11, with white cheese, bacon, red onions, lemon, and clams. The bacon overpowered the clam taste but it was a great concept that I'd attempt on my own with bigger clams and smaller doses of bacon.

Their salads were simple, but the sundried tomato vinaigrette was full of flavor, thick enough to schmear and ended up also being great for dipping the pizza.

My challenge tonight is to recreate their thin thin crust on my (new!) pizza stone, with probably very little tomato sauce and plenty of healthy toppings. I'll try to snap a pic and get a new post up soon. I also want to put in a plug for Lightsey Farms, the true farmer's market on Burnet in the old Farmer's Market (but they're the only remaining farmer). Everything is reasonable, fantastic tasting, and grown in our area. Cheers to 8 salmonella-free tomatoes for $2!


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