Whatever's In Your Fridge Lasagna

My brother called for advice on lasagna the other day, right after Taste Tester warned me to clean out the fridge, so I got the idea that I could possibly find lasagna ingredients in there.  I had the basics: tomatoes, noodles, mozzarella, parmesan, and tomato sauce.
In the fridge I found baba ghanouj, pecans, rutabagas and okra.  And feta.

And I made a lasagna from it all.  And it was actually good!  The bottom was roasted rutabagas, tomato sauce with chunks of tomatoes and mozz.  Maybe a little parm too.  Then noodles, then baba ghanouj and feta and pecans. 

Noodles.  Tomato sauce,  grilled okra, and mozz and parm.  It even looked pretty at the end.
I only posted this to show that recipes are just concepts on paper, and things can taste great without them.  Also, go leftovers!


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