Sick Day / Halloween Preparations

So my pumpkin patch failed epically.  All the babies died in our summer heat.  Maybe next year.

Consequently, I have to decorate for Halloween without the benefit of a pumpkin patch yielding gourds of all shapes and sizes.  I shopped but, on a budget, these craft stores--and even Big Lots!--want so much for everything.  So it's back to basics--do it yourself or don't bother.

And then Rick gave me his flu, so I was stuck home today and the Hallmark channel wasn't cutting it.  I paper mache'd.  Or papier mache'd, if you want to sound like a snobby Gallic artist.  Point is: Martha Stewart would never be this creative on a sick day.

Paper Mache Pumpkins
Stage 1 Get messy with balloons and paper, flour, and water
Recipe for glue: 1 part white flour (wheat tears the paper), 2 parts water
Dip the newspaper pieces, use your fingers like a scizzors to squish off the excess, and stick to a balloon.  I read advice about what direction to lay the paper, but there's no rules.  Just stick it to the balloon and do it again.

Tomorrow I'll either have to re-layer or paint them!


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