Big Barbecue Housewarming and Great New Potato Salad

Taste Tester's birthday coincided with a nice Sunday barbecue, and about 40 friends and family warmed up our new home with food, homebrewed beer, and even some gifts! Someone put me in charge of taking photos, which resulted in a handful of good photos but a shocking lack of well-taken, well-timed ones. For instance, I have no picture of the icy cold pint of the delicious homebrew which never left my hand. That may or may not have affected photo-taking.

The potato salad was almost all I was in charge of, and I tried a new one to share here. It's a knockoff of a Central Market fave with bleu cheese and bacon. It's funny to me that potato salad is basically potatoes and mayo, as if its original creator was thinking, "What can I combine and call a salad that would involve NOTHING healthy or salad-like? And then, let's cook it first!"

4 lbs (1 bag) red potatoes, chopped in 4ths and boiled or pressure-cooked until soft but not too mushy
1/2 to 1 cup mayonnaise (depending on your diet, you could also use a little buttermilk or yogurt for the extra 1/2)
1/4 cup sour cream
3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
salt and ground pepper to taste
8 strips bacon, baked on a rack to allow fat to drip, then cooled and crumbled
chopped green onions
1 wedge bleu cheese, crumbled

Mix all ingredients (minus the onions and bacon and the potatoes) in a bowl and refrigerate while potatoes are cooking.

Drain and cool potatoes on a flat surface lined with aluminum foil, or just in the fridge. When cool, mix sauce into potatoes and add onions and bacon. My onions were the most beautiful shades of green but my camera couldn't do them justice.


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