The Forgotten But Delicious Clams Lingine (but oops it's angel hair)

I forgot to post this lovely little meal that I made of steamed clams, a white wine cream sauce, and some veggies. I had run outta linguine so angelhair/vermicelli had to do. Here's the run down of my recipe, I may have forgotten some of the ingredients but this feeds one...

1 lb steamed clams
dry white wine
chopped mushrooms
diced tomatoes
tons o' garlic
a little parmesan
chopped parsley

It's as much pasta as you need, and about 1 lb/person of clams. I recommend a big bowl or family-style platter. The wine sauce was about 1 cup of wine, reduced, then thickened with the cream.

The bread was the loaf I posted before, sliced and made into garlic bread. Taste tester loved this one.


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